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Membership Benefits

A Bainbridge Club membership includes use of the Swimming Pool that boasts 40 feet x 60 feet in size, a dining area that includes two barbecues, a basketball court, a luxurious and spacious property, and discounted rates for hall rental.

A Club membership includes the primary member plus a spouse and their children under the age of 21 currently living at the primary member’s address. Immediate family members living within the home of the primary member will be included on the primary member’s membership profile.

Members are welcome to invite non-members to join them on the property with a maximum number of 20 non-members per occasion and only when the primary member is present to insure that Club rules are followed. Any damages to the property and its assets will be the responsibility of members and their guests. A $2 per guest fee will be charged for each member guest.

The property is monitored regularly to insure that it is maintained and that Club rules are being followed. Club rules may be altered as needs arise.


Membership Fee(s)

To insure that the Club does not become over-crowded and to maintain a comfortable environment, only a certain number of memberships will be sold or Active at a time. Here are the steps to become a member:

  • Submit a Request for Membership through the Contact Page on this website. You may click on Become a Member on this page to be directed to the Contact page to submit your request.
  • To view and print the Membership Agreement, click on Membership Agreement below.
  • Submit your application through the Contact page.
  • Once your request has been received, a Club Memberships Representative will schedule an interview with you and your family.
  • Your application will then be reviewed by the Club’s board of directors.
  • A notice will be sent to you by standard mail to notify you whether your family has been accepted or placed on a waiting list.
  • If you are approved, and openings are available for new memberships, you will be notified by our Memberships Representative.
  • A Membership Activation Payment will be requested in the amount of $325. This payment includes a $180 enrollment fee, three months of membership dues ($60 each = $180), and a gate key fee of $25 (one key per membership).
  • Monthly Membership Dues are $60.
  • A board member will make arrangements for you to receive your key and membership card(s).
  • Interested in becoming a member? Click on Become a Member below to get started!

Become a Member

Fun times and great memories await your family. Year-round swimming, barbequing, parties, and more! Become a member today and bring your family and friends tomorrow. Enjoy a beautiful property and a historic, private swim club. Follow the links below for more information and to get started.
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