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West Covina Banquet Halls & Swim Club


How do I become a member?

Interested families can apply for a membership by visiting the membership page. Applications are reviewed by board members. Applicants are then interviewed. For families that are approved, an agreement will be reviewed and signed, and an enrollment payment is made. Occasionally, membership requests are placed on a waiting list due to over-crowding.

Is there a waiting list to become a member?

To insure that the Club doesn’t become over-crowded, the number of active Memberships are limited. When the Club reaches the maximum number of memberships, interested families are placed on a waiting list.

How do I rent the recreation hall?

Hall rental information can be accessed on the Hall Rental page on this website. Available on the Bainbridge Club calendar will need to be verified before an application is accepted. If the date and Hall Rental Ruse are agreed upon, an agreement is then signed by a board member and the renter of the hall. The hall isn’t officially reserved until a deposit has been received by the Bainbridge Club.

How do I secure my hall rental?

Hall rentals are available on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. To officially claim your date, you must pay the deposit in full.

What does the hall rental include? 

Hall rental at Bainbridge Club Hall includes access to the entire hall space, a full kitchen, tables and chairs, and security guards.

What types of activities are appropriate for recreational hall use?

Wedding receptions, quinceneras, awards banquets and ceremonies, birthday parties, retirement parties, and other similar events.

Does the hall rental include the pool?

No, pool access if for Bainbridge Club members only.

Can I bring my own caterer and beverages?

Yes! Unlike most halls, Bainbridge Club Hall allows you the freedom to bring your own caterer and beverages.

Is there a curfew for our party when using the hall?

To comply with West Covina City Ordinance, we require that all parties end no later than 11pm.

Is there private parking available? 

Yes, Bainbridge Club Hall has a parking lot available for a portion of your guests.

Are pets allowed on the premises? 

We know you love your pets, but we ask they stay at home. Service animals are the only permitted furry friends at Bainbridge Club Hall. We ask that all service animals wear their identification vest at all times.